Salem Stands Music Video

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Earlier this month Paul Brown & The Killing Devils released their latest music video and my latest project: Salem Stands. Bottom line, in my opinion it’s one of my best. But hey, you be the judge!

As satisfying as it is to have this finished project, I think best part of filmmaking is the process (photos below). Then again, that may be true of everything good in life. Interesting, though, how it often is in retrospecting that those memories of ‘the process’ really shine. “Remember that time we lit torches and filmed down an alley in Salem?” Yup. It was a pretty great weekend, book ended by some nice creative time alone, writing and then editing. In particular, what I love about the filmmaking process is how everything comes together; the stages of development, the people, the creativity. The marriage of multiple media comes together through the marriage of multiple people. A bond develops on set, even if it is just for a couple of days. And in this film in particular, a bond developed between the people and the place. There is no escaping the rich history of Salem, MA – it’s all around you. And it soaks in. As we went from place to place to place, the past and the present came together and just sort of filled us. And hopefully that comes through in the video. Because ultimately, the goal is integrity. That isn’t to say this is anywhere near historically accurate. Rather, I hope this captures the spirit – an especially appropriate word – of this place.

At any rate, it was a crap ton of fun…

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Author: John Abdulla

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  1. John this is rich! Concept, music, timing, editing, imagery, thought process, impact… ! A great mind behind that handsome face. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  2. Thanks so much for watching and for your kind words, Bija! Much appreciated.

  3. good question. No I don’t need to see it. I just heard about this and codlun’t stop wondering what this film is about, but thankfully I was convinced I didn’t need to see it. Thank you for the review which is like a coles notes on the film that provides an analysis good enough to snuff the curiousity that this creates.

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