In Need of a Push

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For so long, creating a blog was one of those things on my list. You know, that list in the back of your mind – the one that sits there patiently and waits… and waits… and waits… Oh yes, we all have those lists. Then, I got cancer. Or, cancer got me I suppose. And suddenly that list began to surface. I thought, well I have a real reason to share updates with people and journal my life now. Plus, I have lots more time to reflect. Literally, as I write this though. I wonder if there was more to it than that. I wonder, perhaps, if that list we keep lodged comfortably in the back of our mind, needs some dislodging sometimes. Maybe, a little push. Cancer seems a bit much though. Bit overdoing it, I’d say.

Sure, it provided me with one of those perspective-changing pushes in life. Thankful that it’s over, but also thankful for the perspective that it brought. Completely healthy now for over a year, back into ‘the grind’ of life, I wonder this: Maybe we can push ourselves. Maybe we should push ourselves.

Enter this blog post. This blog has found it’s way to the back of the line, if you haven’t noticed. Thinking about all the work I need to get done, my fingers are typing as fast as they can right now to be able to get back to production mode. Breathe.

Sometimes I think we need to push ourselves. (Hopefully this blog post doesn’t show otherwise.) And so, time for some experimenting. I am going to start pushing and see what comes out. No babies, don’t worry. Only more posts. Likely, in more bite-size form – like this.



Author: John Abdulla

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