Hey Mama

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Pretty sure any mention of music on this blog thus far has been singularly focused on the band U2. Believe it or not, I do fill the space between U2 songs with other music too. Most of all, I love seeing live music – especially if a band is good live. Because let’s face it, many bands have some solid studio material but plain suck live. Live performances require a band to be on a higher level with each other and with the audience. Everything can come together in a fresh and dynamic way. Not sure there is any other art form (or medium of communication) that can speak to the soul as directly as live music can.

Recently I have fallen in love with this local band, Hey Mama. And after enjoying a couple of shows, I felt compelled (as I often do) to share their talent with others. A great opportunity to bust out my new baby (Canon 7D dSLR Camera) and attempt to capture some great music with my friend Dan Lovetere, who has my baby’s twin (that just sounds weird). Unfortunately, we were unable to tap into the soundboard for audio and so we do not do the band justice with the audio – but hey, there is always next time. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. I love this band!!! I found them after I heard the Carolina Chocolate Drops on NPR the other day. I went to YouTube, found the Chocolate Drops (love that band too), then continued watching other videos of Blue Plate Special performances. That’s how I found Hey Mama. I hope they play down here, in North Florida, some day soon…thanks for the videos!

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