Back in the U.S.

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Here I am back in the U.S. of A. It has been such an amazing journey to Rwanda and back. Each day was jam-packed and now I hope to sift through all of the experiences and share them with you.

Still adjusting to the jet lag and trying to shake this cold I’ve had for a couple of weeks. It certainly is a shock to be back in 29 degree, snow-covered streets after being surrounded by 75 degree, green-covered hills.  Even more of a shock is the culture though. Already the excess is making me uncomfortable; the television, the stores, the cars, the food, the ‘stuff”.

I was able to journal a bit while in Rwanda and so although I was unable to share much “live” from Rwanda – there is still so much to report on. I remember while being there, wanting to capture and freeze how I felt. I think we all have a tendency, when undergoing life-changing experiences, to slowly and gradually forget them. Certainly as daily-life resumes, those experiences fade away. And yet, it is those experiences that offer us the opportunity for profound growth as human beings. My trip to Rwanda and the people that I met, will be a part of me, forever; I will do my best to ensure that. And I think this blog will go a long way towards that goal.



Author: John Abdulla

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