Take Care

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Ah! How the time passes by. Isn’t it crazy? I really love writing in this blog, but somehow it gets put on the back-burner when I get busy. Such is life; but I think I need to try and stop that…

A major discovery for me lately has been the importance of taking care of my body. I suppose cancer will do that to you; certainly it has made me more conscious of our vulnerability as human beings. I didn’t smoke, or drink (too much), or make myself more prone to cancer in any obvious way – and yet I was struck with this disease despite all of that. Their seems to be a contradiction at work that is, well…scary. We all hear of those people who work out daily, eat healthy, and then all of a sudden have a massive heart attack, or something of the sort.

So how can I talk about the seeming randomness of sickness, and the idea of taking care of my body in the same breath? The short answer is that life is filled with this sort of contradiction. I’m finding that it’s all about balance. I’m not going to go to the gym every day or stop eating bacon – just won’t happen. However, I really enjoy taking the time to go to the gym a few times a week and attempting to eat a balanced diet. I try not to take for granted this body of mine that has already survived so much. Furthermore, I really find that keeping my body in shape also helps keep my mind in shape. Ever try working out after a long, stressful day? Ain’t no better way to unwind. The fact is, there is a real satisfaction to taking care of yourself. Sometimes it takes a push to get in the gym, but once I’m there it is so worth it.

It’s all a work in progress really, but all that matters is that I’m making progress. Speaking of which, I just had my 4-month check-up/CT Scan last week and got another clean bill of health! Such a relief, it is. Now I look forward to enjoying this wonderful time of year and the gifts that surround me. Including a trip to Rwanda in just 14 days from now! More to come 🙂



Author: John Abdulla

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