Here Am I

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Went to St. Eulalia mass today and was blown away by this song. It was beautifully sung by Cheryl Pongratz and perfectly played by Michael Larson on piano.

The lyrics are written by Brian Wren, and they say all that needs to be said:

Here am I,
Where underneath the bridges
Of our winter cities
Homeless people sleep.

Here am I,
Where in the decaying houses
Little children shiver,
Crying at the cold.

Where are you?

Here am I,
With people in the lineup
Anxious for a handout,
Aching for a job.

Here am I,
When pensioners and strikers
Sing and march together,
Wanting something new.

Where are you?

Here am I,
Where two or three are gathered
Ready to be altered,
Sharing wine and bread.

Here am I,
Where those who hear the preaching
Change their way of living,
Find the way to life.

Where are you?



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. sigh

  2. Powerful lyrics! I bet Cheryl's voice really adds to their power.

    Where are we?

    In bondage to our egos…our ideologies…our political parties…our "right" way of doing things… our fears…our lusts…

    We are shopping, over-eating and drinking, surfing on the internet, being entertained…

    We are complaining, not praying…worrying, not trusting…

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