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I had the CT Scan done today. But I won’t get the results until Monday when I meet with the doctor. I’m somewhat anxious, of course, but there isn’t much I can do. Really hoping that this is the end of it. I’m ready to be finished.

Just going back to Dana makes me nauseous at this point. It annoys me that so much of the nausea is mental. I know it’s mental and that should give me more control over it, but somehow it doesn’t. I suppose it will just take time.

On another note, with healthcare being the topic of the day right now, I want to share this exceptional interview with you. Bill Moyers interviews a previous VP of the fourth largest Insurance company. The result is eye-opening and, I would go as far as to say, shocking. Really incredible insider information about how insurance companies operate. I highly recommend:

Healthcare reform has always been a controversial issue. I am stunned though when I watch the recent crowds at town hall meetings. I really wish more people could see this interview and learn the truth. We have a truly incredible opportunity before us; to reform this system and make sure that all Americans are treated with equal and excellent care. I feel fortunate to have received such care throughout this experience. I cannot imagine how much more difficult this would have been with anything less. Yet, millions of people do receive less and there is little in place to protect us from becoming one of them. We can change this.



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Our prayers are with you.
    Thank you for sharing everything.
    We look forward to celebrating wellness with you!

  2. Wow John, if it's not fighting poverty it's reforming American healthcare.. but like I said three some years ago.. I will be your cheerleader and right hand "man." What do we do now? Shoe drive? Lost boys? no… we need new tactics! Get brainstorming honcho! I will start making flyers and contacting Allison to reserve a room.. Doh! we don't need to do that anymore! hrm.. tricky new phase of our lives!

    In all seriousness, I admire your constant need and desire to help others even in the midst of your internal chaos and struggles. You are a beautiful person and I am honored to be your friend.

    And seriously, what can we do to fix this national healthcare situation?

  3. Hi John!

    We are praying and asking our Blessed Lord to give you His healing power and peaceful presence….He will heal you John.

    As another healthcare advocate for all "American citizens," I think the controversy and arguments and dissenting opinions are a good thing….our democracy is dependent on vigorous debate….what is interesting to me is this: both sides would like to silence the other….it is not just the right….it is the left too. Both believe they right….but, as we know, there is truth in both perspectives….from that debate, yes, sometimes even confrontational, will come a better plan. Do I recommend screaming and shouting in a debate? As you know John, I do not. But I have seen it on both sides…my hope and prayer, we will have a plan that will help all "Americans."

    Now, on to a movie transition: I would recommend Clint's movie: Gran Tourino and maybe one more: Taken.

    His Grace & Strength!

    Prof. B.

    P.S. I can feel some stories coming on….I know you can too John! Best to the whole family too.

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