Dazed and Confused

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Well this has been quite the 4th of July weekend! Wow. I’ve done 4 days of the 5-day treatment (one more to go tomorrow) and I’m really feeling it. It’s definitely having a cumulative effect that’s leaving me pretty dazed. The nausea gets worse each day and takes more meds to fix, which leaves me pretty out of it(hence the minimal blogging). Oh and I’ve got this new side-effect: hiccups! Who knew hiccups could be so damn annoying?! I’ll get them for like an hour at a time, while they distract the hell out of me, and they won’t go away no matter what remedy I attempt! So I got some pills for that too now…Not my best days for sure, but some necessary battles are taking place to really wipe this out.

The good news is that my white blood count has risen back to a normal range and the even better news is that the tumor markers in my blood (which they use to monitor the cancer) have dropped significantly! On June 18th the markers were at 31 and 48.1. On July 2nd, the markers were at 0.5 and 6.8. In other words, I’m kicking cancer’s ass!

Tomorrow I finish the 5-day and boy I can’t wait! These days have really taught me about losing control. By no means am I in a downward spiral or anything to that effect, but instead simply trusting the hands of my doctors, nurses, family, loved ones, and of course God. Just as the rain finally did, I remain ever faithful that this too shall soon pass.



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. 7.5

    John –
    Who knew that an improved white count and better tumor marker numbers could make you (and those of us around and supporting you) so damned happy. Keep up the good work.
    Thinking of you every day and as always, sending the karma and vibes.

  2. Good morning, John!

    Clearly, you are in grace ~ the presence of God ~ as you continue to minister to the rest of us about what is real and what matters.Losing control ~ or actually giving up the illusion of control ~ and trusting is the only way to peace.

    Woke up early and prayed, such grace to be able to set this time aside and see ~ the rains have passed, leaving all of the plants with new growth.

    And, thanks for sharing the numbers with us!
    My metaphor for these blood markers is actually Pac Man…keep eating them up!

    Love and prayers,


    Lar too. Sending you his thoughts and care!

  3. Yayyy for kicking cancer's ass! You strong man you! We all knew you could do it! I'm sorry about those awful side effects though! These too shall pass though! You have the perfect attitude my dear, keep that up! As it will set you free! Remember, only a month left of chemo! Woohoo!

  4. Hi John!

    Great news….the blood cell count and the markers are all telling you the same….your good cells are triumphanting….winning. I love Patty's imagery too. Remember the 7 Ps John. Positive visualization is # 4 and it works.

    We are with you every day.

    God bless!

    Prof. B.

  5. Hi John, I keep looking across the fence in my yard over toward Cheryl's house…hoping that I see you and say hello. My nephew's call me "Uncle Bowling Ball Head" so watch out!!!
    Hopefully one day soon we can catch up.
    You are moving forward and take it each day…

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