Sunday Morning Fever

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Well Saturday was a great day. Feeling good, had dinner with some friends and it was great to get out. Sunday, on the other hand, was a sucky day. Woke up with a fever, which is bad. Because my white blood count is so low and I’m more susceptible to getting sick, I probably got an infection. Doctors say if the fever gets to 100.5 that’s the magic number when I need to be admitted to a hospital for some antibiotics. It was a nerve-racking day. The highest it got was 100.1, so fortunately I was in the clear. Still having a fever all day definitely was not fun.

I slept (and sweat) it off and I’m happy to report that today the fever is gone. Phew! It’s just crazy how every day is so incredibly different. Today I’m feeling pretty decent, just a bit of nausea and a sore throat.

On the flip side of things, it has been pretty cool to see so many movies over these past couple weeks. It rekindles my passion and excitement to enter the movie business. Here are all the movies (that I can think of right now) that I’ve watched, with a little rating too in case you’re interested 😉

The Sting (Excellent), My Bloody Valentine (OK), 3:10 To Yuma (Very Good), Once Upon a Time in the West (Excellent), Le Cercle Rouge (Very Good), Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Good), The Hudsucker Proxy (Very Good), Pretty Woman (Very Good), The Visitor (Very Good), Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (Very Good), Stripes (Very Good)

That’s all for now. Fortunately none got my “bad” or “very bad” rating. I try to exercise some prejudice before choosing. If you’ve got any recommendations for flicks I should check out, feel free to share!



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. John, I've been away for awhile and have been trying to get caught up with your blog; this post caught my eye in particular. I'm sorry to say it is not because I'm worried about your fever (I do care) or because I have sympathy for how awful nausea is (yuck) or even to tell you how great and inspirational you are (which you are).

    What grabbed me is this: I need to know your "Rating system". What, in your view, makes the difference between "excellent" and "very good?". And geez, can't you be clever and give it a system that is less pedestrian?

    How about awarding movies according to, oh, I don't know, "needle pricks" (inverse relation, of course. 1 needle prick being the best) or maybe according to your appetite: Steak (best) – Brussel sprouts (worst).

    Why do I care? Well you have listed a lot of films here that I haven't seen and I'm hoping to know whether to update my Netflix cue based on your ratings!

    All the best, blp.

  2. Hey there,

    So, I am going to trust you on a few of those titles since the three that I have watched matched my own reviews (The Sting, Pretty Woman and Circel Rouge).

    Here are my few favorites:

    Antonia's Line (excellent, a bit heavy at times, but lovely)

    The Gods Must Be Crazy (I and II are both very good and laugh out loud movies)

    The King of Hearts (interesting perspective shift)

    The Mission (re: the very alive tension between faith and institution)

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