The Breakdown

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Finished my first cycle of treatment yesterday! Woohoo! Unfortunately, it was a pretty bad day. I went in to Dana feeling pretty good, after a nice few days off from treatment. By the time I got home, I had a rising fever, worsening sore throat, and (the worst part) nausea returning. Didn’t keep dinner down either, which certainly didn’t help matters. On top of all that, my white blood count has dropped from 5,000 to like 400, which is pretty crazy. It means I’m very susceptible to getting sick. But it’s nothing out of the ordinary considering the aggressive treatment I’m getting.

I slept it off and I’m feeling better today. Still got some lingering nausea, but all in all I’m doing okay.

So I’m done with the first cycle. What now? Well, here is the breakdown: In total my treatment consists of three back-to-back, 3-week cycles. That makes nine weeks in total. During each three week cycle, the first week is a 5-day chemo (Thursday-Monday), the second and third weeks are one-day chemo (Thursdays). So I begin my second cycle next Thursday, which I am NOT looking forward to. The 5-day treatments are 4-5 hours each as oppose to the 1-day which is about a half hour. Plus the 5-day features much worse side-effects.

This time I feel more prepared, which is good. Plus, based on the side effects I faced last time, my doctor will be adding some new drugs to the mix to help me deal with them. The good news of course is that I’ve got one whole cycle behind me. Two more to go and then that should be the end of all this.



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Awww I'm sorry you had to face such a battle last night! =( That was very unfortunate. But as you said, it is good that it seems to be subsiding today. Also I'm happy that you will be getting more drugs to help you with the upcoming effects. Yay for modern medicine! Be sure to keep the nurses and Oncologist on call updated with all the side effects, anything bothering ypu so they can all help make you at ease. Next time I will bring over Uncle Buck and My Father the Hero for us to watch, hehe! I can't wait! You, my dear have to catch up on these hilarious movies! You don't know what you've been missing! Also, rest up, drink up..on the water of course! 😉 hehe! Take those meds and this will be over before you know it!
    Much love,

  2. Hi John,

    Keep fighting the good fight. I've been reading your blog, and it is truly moving. You're short film was awesome too (Offsides), I've watched it like 12 times.

    If you want to see some of Will, Sam and I, we'd be happy to watch a movie or two with you.

    I'm praying for you every day buddy!


  3. Hey, John!

    You are hanging tough and we are all looking forward to your next film……hey, when you are better, you and Dan can still help with my stage fright video….and I'm happy to see Cassandra has perfect taste in movies….as a matter of fact, and although I don't look like John Candy, my nieces and nephews thought I was Uncle Buck when I started singing and cooking to the sounds of Barbershop Quartets, Debussy, The Music Man, The King and I, and Alicia Keys…I know, a wide range of musical interests….any way, I love Uncle Buck!

    Drink plenty of fluids John and also remember our prayers are with you every day.

    As always,

    Prof. B.

  4. You're viewing this odyssey through the perfect lens, John — one down, two to go. And after this coming five-day cycle , you'll only have to do it one more time. YAY!

    Take care, take your meds, and know that we're all with you.


  5. I read these bottom up and thought, now who the heck is this guy named Buck that Professor Burns is so crazy about…

    Smile. Sounds like a pretty solid recommendation for a movie: Cassandra and Professor Burns!

    In the meantime, we are all praying for you, John! Except Lar ~ and he is doing his thinking and sighing thing. Just 6 months until Christmas ~ and then, this will be just one of those incredibly tough experiences that you will manage to use for very good purposes!

  6. Now that I have seen you.. I am happy ….
    Not a very nice joke you played… but over the top hysterical…You are an amazing guy and Bethany is one terrific person.. you are so lucky to have each other. You are loved

  7. John: Always thinking of you and I look at your blog every day. Your spirit is amazing. Prayers continue…
    Prof. Sinnott

  8. Out of all the people I know you are the one that can kick cancer's ass! You are stronger than anyone I know. Good luck! Hope to see you soon.

  9. Bro, great to hear you are done with round one. Offsides is hilarious, and after you talked up this new film so much, I'm even more pumped to see it!
    Thanks for keeping us all up to date through your writing!
    Wishing the best,

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