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Wow. I continue to be surprised, touched, and blessed with the support I have from the people around me. Check out these pics of more great souls showing their solidarity and bringing bald back. Starting with Bethany’s cousins Charles and William, her uncle (their dad) Todd, and my dear friend John. Many thanks to each of them!



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Hi Johnny I really enjoy listening to your thoughts and after reading others will also view life a little differently. by the way your still my best looking nephew hair or no hair!

  2. You look amazing Johnny, w/e you do you always will! =) You NEVER have to worry in that department. You look so tan, too! So jealous! Love you with all my heart and soul! I'll ALWAYS be hear for you!
    Much love,
    your lil sis,

  3. Hi John, I am a friend of Cheryl McMahan Pongratz, from Sacred Hearts parish in Malden. She mentioned to me that you are something of a philosopher, thinking about the world you live in and then trying to make our world a better place. I read your "About Me" piece, I felt a kinship. I often use the word lens when describing how we view the world. I agree that everyone has a lens through which they experience both inwardly and outwardly, life as it unfolds and that they influence. Not everyone is reflective and recognizes they have a lens or a core set of values from and through which they live their lives, lives that not only affect them but more often many more people and often in countries struggling to feed and care for their people. One begins to wonder what really motivates people to do what they do. I am encouraged by your desire to improve the living conditions for all people especially people that are poor or lack our “first world” advantages.

    I have been reading your daily struggle with treatment. You have my prayers that Christ will watch out for you.

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