The Ultimate Excuse

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Well on the positive side I've got less nausea, which is great. It should keep getting better, as it was the five-day treatment that caused most of it. On the negative side, the fatigue is getting worse. During these coming days I will face a lowering white blood count which causes that fatigue and makes me more susceptible to getting sick. Washing hands a lot and can't go out too much.

It's a strange feeling to keep resting and still feel tired. Watching lots of television, but trying to read too. At least when I read I feel like I'm being somewhat productive. Still, I am learning more (or at least trying) to let go of the productivity obsession. Its ok to just rest in silence, or just look out at the window at nature and listen to birds chirping, or catch up on that stack of movies. Aren't we always looking for excuses to take the time to do those things?

Alright well I'll try and take full advantage of this excuse. Even better, I'll do my best to make it an opportunity. Because I truly believe it is just that. It's an opportunity that will take time to fully realize. But fear not, I have plenty of time.

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Author: John Abdulla

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  1. I've had days where no matter how much I rest, I'm still tired. They suck balls. ' course in my case, it wasn't cancer… it was Hypnos(!) ROMAN GOD OF SLEEEEEEP! I'LL GET YOU! YOU SON OF A BITCH! The rain might have something to do with it too.

  2. Fatigue is such a drag!

    John, I have to say this ~ your chemo treatment symptoms sound JUST like my pregnancy symptoms (including the hair falling out). Being pregnant "sucked balls" (just learned this one from your friend, Sam)! And, on top of the constant nausea, heartburn, and fatigue, I couldn't fit into my jeans!

    And, I did it three times. Go figure.

  3. John, loved this section. Love the reference to being obsessed with productivity – so true. Glad you are turning this into a positive & taking time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you. Plugging for you John.

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