Catching Up on Flicks

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Happy to report that today is a much better day. Nausea is at bay with the normal meds, sore throat isn’t as bad and fever is gone! Just watched the movie Taken and decided that I want Liam Neeson fighting my cancer – so badass. Don’t get me wrong, the movie isn’t amazing, but it was a high-rush, action flick. What I’d usually expect from one of my favorite action movie producers, Luc Besson, who wrote and directed one of my favs of all time Leon (also known in U.S. as The Professional).

Definitely appreciating this day, in the wake of yesterday. As I’ve mentioned before, those bad days really do make the good ones all the better. Health seems to be one of those things we really do just take for granted.

Next up is The Visitor which I’ve been wanting to see for a while now and a nice bowl of mac n cheese 🙂



Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying some movies today. Don't forget the popcorn!
    You have some truly great friends. Anyone willing to shave their head on your behalf has to be a true supporter. Steve and I were going to shave our heads for you but unfortunately we have a very strict rule. We only do that when the treatment is for 10 weeks or more:) However, in a show of solidarity we have decided to shave our faces every day until your treatments are over.
    Rest up!!

  2. Hey John –

    Glad to hear you're feeling better today … and may I just say that even tho' this is your cancer blog, it sometimes reads like a food blog. 🙂

    You're in my thoughts today as I head out with "Team Together" to pitch our tent and set up camp (yep, in the rain) for the 24-hour American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraising event at a local high school.

    You're participating in Relay this year; when the 10,000 luminarias (those white bags with candles) are lined up along the walking track and lighted after dark, one that will be glowing brightly has the name John Abdulla on it. There are names on all 10,000 — honoring cancer survivors and remembering those lost. Yours will be alongside others from Curry, so you'll be in very good, very strong company.

    And, when my friend Suzanne and I walk the Survivors Lap along with 200+ other local survivors, to the cheers of thousands of participants and the strains of the "Rocky" theme song, we'll be celebrating you, too. (I'll get a Survivors tee-shirt for you.)

    The theme of Relay is: Celebrate … Remember … Fight Back. I know you're fighting back as hard as you can. It's the only way you know how to fight.


  3. Haha! Glad you enjoyed that movie! But better yet, yayyy for feeling a bit better! Enjoy those movies my dear! You need to! =) Much love, Cassandra

  4. Hey mom passed me the link…
    first, I wanted to let know I'm cheering for you…looks like you already have your chin up 🙂

    As far as movies…I think you need some comedy..Superbad is always a good choice..Anchorman? Too many to suggest…

    Keep smiling…

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