Declaring Battle

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I was told that losing my hair due to the chemo would be inevitable, based on the type I'm receiving. I decided to strike first, and shaved it off last night. This battle will be on my terms.

I also had the support of warriors, Peter Pongratz and Patrick Spencer. Actually, they decided to shave their heads first, after which I reconsidered shaving mine. But they assured me it was too late to reconsider.

All joking aside, it was a really amazing gesture amongst us men and I feel so honored by their willingness to take that leap. And it was great not having to touch my hair this morning!
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Author: John Abdulla

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  1. John Abdulla starring as Ben Kingsley portraying Ghandi!

    All kidding aside; you have great friends and good support. Maria thinks you look handsome. But let's face it; she always thinks you look handsome. Every day we hear; "he's so handsome".

  2. That's great John! All three of you look good bald! I hope you are feeling well today 🙂

  3. John
    You and your buddies are meeting it all 'head-on' … just like staying ahead of the nausea, staying ahead of the hair loss! Keep up that spirit, and we support you!
    Bija and Jay

  4. I actually had an internal debate over whether you would beat the chemo to the punch. I would have done the same thing. Good on you, John – hope the next few days of chemo go by quickly for you.

  5. Wahoo! I shaved my head before it all fell out too… Of course, I didn't have too much choice as my hair tangled into a knot once it started slowly falling out…it's the best way, take back control in any form possible! 🙂 Also, hair falling out can be gross…haha.

  6. You know I donated locks for love last time I got a hair cut, and I'm gonna have to get one soon for civil service work.
    Just think John: you could have a head of MY long, dirty-blonde, hair; confusing people about my gender from behind since 1902!

  7. You are already winning the battle my dear! I give you soooo much credit! You're the strongest MAN I know! You look AMAZING and always will! I'm soo lucky to have such a handsome brother! =)

    Love you with all my heart!


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