Let the treatment begin!

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Just got a great hand massage from a volunteer here at Dana – my first hand massage ever, I might add. Maybe this treatment thing isn’t so bad after all!

Checkout my wicked cool bracelet pictured above, created by Bethany’s mom, Cheryl Pongratz. Had a great cancer going away party last night with the family, which included genital balloon hats and a very provocative cake. Pictures coming soon 😉

So I’m sitting in a room now with my family and three other patients who are receiving chemo. Right now its just stuff to hydrate me thru the IV in preparation for the high grade stuff that follows. My mom has struck a relationship with another family who are greek, talking about greek food and making me hungry. I’ll be getting lots of home cooked meals soon. Woohoo!

Oh and some more good news: the chemo regiment will be 9 weeks but only three of those weeks will be 5 days per week. The rest will be one day per week 🙂

So thats the latest for now. Chemo will start in a few minutes and I’ll be back with updates.

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Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Hi John!!! You are going to kick cancers ass!! We are thinking of you!! Love ya! Diana and Brian

  2. Johnny!!

    That picture you took is so cool. I hope day one is going well. Mum told me the good news about your schedule. Been thinking about you. See you soon!!

    Love, Sarah

    Ps. You say your hungry, I love to cook. Just say the words! 🙂

  3. Hope things are going well John-O. No news here. The world of film is like a desert on Mars. I assure you you're not missing anything.

    It will be right here waiting for you at the end of this business!

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