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Just finishing my final dose of chemo for the day! I must say its all very anticlimactic. Certainly not complaining, but the chemo doesn’t feel like anything really. Though they have loaded me with some anti-nausea meds so I guess that has something to do with it. There is quite the list of potential side effects, but I’m hopeful that I don’t suffer them too badly.

Before starting today I was kind of hoping that I’d be alone with my family in the room. But after being here for this long day, I can say it’s so comforting to be with other people who are going through the same thing. I already feel a strong sense of community here; an invisible bond that connects us. And I feel ashamed at ever thinking I’d be better off in a private room, separated from these people.

The care here at Dana Farber is incredible. Not only the level of skill, but also the level of compassion. I feel very comfortable here and blessed to have such a high level of care. The IV is beeping now, which concludes my first day of chemotherapy! Woot woot!

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Author: John Abdulla

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  1. Hey John.. Your blog is awesome! I can totally see why you were a comm major- your writing is so enjoyable to read. Congrats on finishing your first day of chemo…I just finished the globe ads lol. I think it's so cool you are writing about your experience. You have a wonderful mindset on this whole endeavor, and if you keep it up I'm sure you will be just fine! Your body reacts to how you are feeling and thinking, and your attitude is perfect. Keep it up and best wishes! Alex

  2. Hello Jono my dearest-
    You are an inspiration! I have always looked to you for support and strength when we were dealing with angry administrators and helping troubled poeple in Africa.. but now? You have shown me that life is so precious, that what may seem like a life altering and depressing situation can be cured with love and laughs, and that friends and family are ultimately the most important things in life. Your faith, strength and love has always amazed me hun, I have secretly looked up to you for that for years wondering "how the heck does he stay so calm?" but now, you are my hero. I am going to sing Hero by Bette Midler next time I see you!! Watch out!!!! :0) Keep up the positivity, you are not only seeing this through like the champion and wonderful person you are, but you are inspiring and changing the lives of those around you as well and I bet you don't even know it!

    Take care hun, love you!!!

  3. ps: start compiling these.. it will be a book someday!!!!

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