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MLK Day: A Call to Action in the Name of Love

I’ve written before about how difficult it can be to remain optimistic in the world we live in today. Today, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is a day to be optimistic. We’ve come so far thanks to the tireless work of so many before us.

And yet, the issues that plague humanity seem to multiply infinitely ahead of us. Is this how it feels for every generation?

As an activist, I was awe-struck after watching the film Selma last year. I immediately decided to read Martin Luther King Jr.’s autobiography, some excerpts from which I will share here. I continue to be filled with awe by these words and the actions that they inspired.

MLK and the people marching with him, they got shit done. They changed laws. They created laws. Just as...

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A new life. A new chapter.

If men were the ones who had to carry and give birth to babies, I’m pretty sure humankind would have died off a long time ago. I knew going into it, that the moment my wife gave birth to our child would be an intense one. And it was. The four days that we were in the hospital were filled with the whole range of emotions. The four weeks that we’ve been home since then hasn’t given me much space to stop and reflect back, but I thought I’d attempt it here on my blog through a few vignettes.

One of the stories about labor that stuck with me was described by the comedian Louis C.K. on a podcast I listen to (WTF with Marc Maron). He talks about this moment right after his wife delivered where he had to decide whether to attend to her as she was cut open in the...

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Becoming a Daddy (Blogger)

This blog is all about shifting perspective. It originated with that life-changing diagnosis, which has continued to be an important lens in my life. Just last month I had my latest checkup at Dana Farber; six years, cancer free. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed.

That lens will always be important. And now I’ve got a new one to add to my kit. One that I am certain will let a whole new light in, to see the world in a different way: fatherhood.


Okay, lots of drama. It was in the title for crying out loud. But honestly, just writing that word—fatherhood—gives me goosebumps. In just six weeks I’m going to be a dad, and that is f’n crazy. Don’t get me wrong, this was all part of the plan. My wife and I knew we...

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Making Time Matter—Inspired by Boyhood

If a good piece of art allows you to pause for a moment and think in a different way, then a piece that stays with you long after, as a focal point for thinking differently about life, is a masterpiece. There’s no lack of art forms in this world from which to derive meaning. Movies are the form that have generally spoken most profoundly to me—even though lately I’ve found some television to be superior. Every now and again, a movie comes along and confirms, or even restores, my faith in the medium. This past year, that movie was Boyhood.

Filmed over twelve years, this narrative fiction tells the story of a boy, his sister, and his parents as they all grow up together. This long-term filming has never been done before for a fictional piece and the result is...

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Searching for home. Finding perspective.

Until I started house-hunting, I didn’t realize how stressful the process could be. Take the house that I recently came close to purchasing. For days, my wife and I imagined ourselves in this new, larger home; we planned how our furniture would fit in the various spaces, how great it’d be to cook in a new kitchen, how our future children would play outside. Alas, after excruciating consideration, we decided this house wasn’t quite the right place for us. It was an emotional roller-coaster, and by the end of it I began to feel hopeless. Would we ever find the right home?

But the next morning, as I continued to mull things over, a thought struck sharp and deep: Right now, as I obsess over upgrading my living situation, there are millions of refugees who have fled Syria and...

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